Friday September 12, 2008, 15:00-18:00

Parallel event between IBA participants at Cultural Centre 'CK' Skopje
And Kitchen Budapest Media Lab researchers in Budapest.

We aimed to investigate, through discussion different aspects of diplomatic services an embassy for autonomous and mobile groups could offer to those who interface with it.

Kitchen Budapest Discussion

Participants: Melinda Sopos, Maxigas, Andrew Paterson, Eleonora Schöffer (only 1st hour)

Seminar began with introductions,
Background and motivations of French-Hungarian cybernetics artist Nicholas Schöffer (1912-1992)

Discussion on specific interpretations or ambitions for alternative embassy infrastructure, focusing around an imagined autonomous visa-invitation network; and the inequal representation of certain groups from the internet (such as media artists in Congo/Africa).

Connection with remaining participants in Cultural Centre 'CK', sharing main points of discussion on both side. Ambitions to try and gather materials together.

Seminar notes

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