Saturday September 20, 2008, 16:00-19:00

Kitchen Budapest media lab, Budapest IX, Raday u. 30 (Biblia köz)

Documentary screening event, with selection related to themes emerging in the previous week's Seminar. Clips selected by Melinda Sopos and Andrew Gryf Paterson.

Nicolas Schöffer: Visite Interactive Des Atiliers Schöffer DVD
Interactive DVD about the pioneering French-Hungarian cybernetic artist Nicolas Schöffer's (1912-1992) artist studio. Including selected clips from 'La visite guidée avec les commentaires d'Eléonore Schöffer' (2000, en français)

Underground Railroad
Documentary (Ken Burns-style) from The History Channel about the informal social activist network in 19th Century United States, assisting runaway slaves movement from South to North (1998, 92mins, in english).

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