Budapest Activity..

Project initiated and coordinated by Andrew Gryf Paterson (Helsinki), while Researcher-in-Residence at Kitchen Budapest, September 2008.

Seminar facilitated by researcher Melinda Sopos and programme coordinator Eszter Bircsák at Kitchen Budapest. Discussion including Eleonora Schöffer (Paris), Maxigas, Melinda Sopos and Andrew Gryf Paterson.

Tour de Fence Budapest involving, and documented by John Nussey (London), Andras 'Sly' Szalai and Andrew Gryf Paterson.

CEU Presentation organised by Laura Ranca, programme coordinator at Centre for Media and Communication Studies, Central European University, Budapest.


IBA logo as quick design by Mushon Zer-Aviv (NYC).

Skopje Project coordinated by Artivistic team Anik Fournier & Sophie Le-Phat Ho (Montreal), involved as Imaginary Border Academy members, including Savić Rašović a.k.a Pirun (Boston), Ana Valdes (Stockholm), Farida Heuck (Berlin), tobias c. van veen (Montreal), Vladan Jeremic & Rena Raedle (Belgrade), Tamara Vukov (Montreal). For more information see: 'Chain Reaction' 3rd International Upgrade Gathering.

TransEuropean Fence-Climbing Summit 2008 initiated by Kayle Brandon & Heath Bunting (Bristol), as part of Tour de Fence project.

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